Sunday, July 1, 2012

30 days of QSO's - Finally at an end! Whoo!

One of my local clubs, the Richmond Amateur Radio Club (RARC), sponsored a "challenge" (not really a contest) that was called the "Radio Run".  The goal of the "Radio Run" was to have a QSO every day of the month of June - mode, band, power didn't really matter - what was important was to have the QSO!

(See "rules" here - Radio Run Rules)

So, yes!  I did manage to complete the "Radio Run" successfully.  Mostly the guilt and imagining the amount of greif that I would get if I didn't finish really helped me keep it going!

Ok, on a serious note - it was a lot of fun.  The challenge really made me think of ways to incorporate radio into my daily activity; even when it wasn't so easy to do.  (Like traveling on a business trip! - Long live the D-Star DVAP!!!)

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