Saturday, August 18, 2012

Morse Code - An Update

I have been upset, disappointed, frustrated, and pretty much any other words that I can find to describe how much like a failure I feel.  There are few things in my life that I have tried as hard as I'm trying now, but those other things have made progress - morse code seems to be a brick wall...

Anyway, last night I found a group of people who, like me, share the same feeling.  They almost universally  shared exactly what I was feeling.  It's just that feeling of failure, mostly (and not maliciously) as "kind advice & support" - "Hey, just keep trying, it's easy."; "I learned it when I was a Boy Scout at 9 years old, simple!" and on and on and on...

For me, it's not easy.  It's hard, very hard.  Like I just mentioned, there are few things that I have tried that require this level of concentration and continuous effort to see very poor results.

NOW, for the good news...

I AM making progress.  I do finally believe that I have the ability to learn morse code.  I also no longer think that it'll just be "20 quick hours to memorize the code and then get on the air - it's easy!"  I know that it'll take a while for me; but that's actually OK!  I know that I'm "slowly" getting there and that my pace will be MY pace.

I guess the "discouraging" reassurance of others has really made a difference for me.  I appreciate the honesty.

73 de KJ4WLH

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